Volvo CE gives exotic contribution to zoo

The cheetah area in Eskilstuna Zoo has received a new family member; a Volvo L90F wheel loader, featuring striking leopard print paintwork. This exotic contribution is the result of a new and exciting initiative between Volvo CE and Parken Zoo – two different organisations located in Eskilstuna, Sweden, with a common agenda; environmental care.


Volvo CE wants to support Parken Zoo in its initiative to save endangered species of the world by providing an exotic contribution, which hopefully can help to bring more visitors to the city.

The machine was originally used in the development of the new-Series wheel loaders manufactured by Volvo CE. Having fulfilled these duties, and undergone a stunning visit to the paint shop, it can now keep living in Parken Zoo, surrounded by the curious cheetahs in the park. The wheel loader is a symbol of the common environmental care, about which both organisations are passionate.

Parken Zoo has started its environmental initiative with certification as its main goal. Volvo CE in collaboration with WWF and the Climate Savers program is already acknowledged for its environmental stance. The Climate Savers initiative helps to reduce carbon emission and the environmental footprint of Volvo.

“It´s natural for Volvo to become the first one in our industry to cooperate with WWF in their Climate Savers programme, It´s also natural for us today to give a Volvo Wheel loader to Parken Zoo, because of our care for the environment. We want to support Parken Zoo´s preservation of biodiversity,” said Jörgen Svenningsson, President Operations Europe during the handover to Irja Bäckström, CEO Parken Zoo.


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