Mack is revitalized and born ready

With an updated, more modern logotype and an even more clearly defined focus on trucks as a powerful working tool, Mack has revitalised its brand.
“It has been a fantastic journey and it has given the entire organisation new energy and renewed self-confidence,” says Nicole East, Vice President Mack global brand management.


Mack’s revitalised brand is designed to demonstrate the company’s important American heritage and history as well as its future and forward planning. The new logotype is a combination of the word “Mack”, which adorns the grille of every truck, and the unmistakable bulldog, that has represented the brand on every truck since 1932. 

“We have an extremely powerful brand and a proud history to safeguard. This is something we must never forget. At the same time, it’s important to underline our presence in the heavy-duty, global truck industry of today,” adds Nicole East.

Work on developing the brand began some two years ago. According to Nicole East, it was important to send a message to the market and dealers. 

“As we had not launched any new vehicles for some time, we needed to remind people of our strengths. We were also keen to revitalise our brand identity to ensure that we were ready with this modern design prior to future product launches.”

The strategy for the new brand identity is based on three key focus areas: “Winning hearts and minds”, which will make use of the emotions associated with the brand and convey them to the market, “Forward looking”, which spotlights the importance of being aware of the way market and customer requirements change, and “Driving Consistency”, which focuses on ensuring global consistency in brand identity, key messaging and customer experience to enhance the strength of the brand.

In addition to a new logotype, films and guidelines, with messages and communication relating to the brand, for example, the new concept includes a new global tagline, “Born Ready”. Nicole East explains that it stands for what Mack promises its customers.

“Our trucks are designed to act as the link between man and machine. They are made to help our customers manage their demanding working assignments. They are a working tool,” she says. 

The revitalised brand with the new logotype was launched at Conexpo, one of the world’s largest construction shows held in Las Vegas in March. At the present time, training on the brand revitalisation strategy is in progress for employees, sales staff and service staff, while the work of replacing all the signs at dealerships is in full swing.

Nicole East is eager to stress just how important the employees’ work and engagement have been in making the new brand strategy such a success.

“It’s a success and all the employees have played an equal part in this and are responsible for it. We are going to work together as a global team to safeguard the future of the brand. It is clear that we have new energy and pride in the company,” she says.

The dealers have given the new strategy a great reception.

“Our dealers are extremely enthusiastic and eager to install the new signage. There have been no problems whatsoever and new energy and pride in the company can be clearly seen among the employees,” she says, adding that the world’s largest sign will shortly be installed at one of the Mack dealerships in the USA.

“It’s going to be enormously exciting to see this gigantic sign once it has been installed. There is no question that it’s going to make its presence felt!” she says.


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