Anna wants to pursue a career in engineering

Anna Lidman Olsson is a trainee at the Volvo Group Powertrain Engineering unit in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is spending some months in the Sensors & Circuits Department where engineer Jim Fischer is her supervisor and mentor.


Anna, tell us what you do at work?
“I am a trainee via Tekniksprånget (Technology Leap). I graduated from the sixth-form college in Trollhättan in southern Sweden in 2013 and I’m thinking about continuing my education. My first impression of the Volvo Group is that the Group is huge and that you can work on interesting things.”

“Being an engineer is more varied than I thought. I have worked on CAD drawing for wiring for a new transmission and on troubleshooting, quality issues and assembly solutions. In addition to the Lundby Plant, I have visited the plants in Tuve and Skövde and spoken to colleagues in France. It feels good to be able to work on things that have an effect and that I can make a contribution. Being a trainee has already convinced me that I want to be an engineer and I have applied for a five-year mechanical engineering course. I have been given a summer job after four months as a trainee, so I’m going to learn even more. In the future, I would definitely consider working for the Volvo Group.”

Jim, what about your background and current assignment?
“I started as a consultant in 2011 and I was employed as a component engineer in 2013. Being Anna’s supervisor is a new experience for me. It’s really rewarding and gives me an opportunity to test leadership. I’m very grateful to my boss for giving me this opportunity. I spent quite a lot of time on the introduction and initial tasks, but Anna has now reached the next level, where she is given sharp assignments and helps us with our work. There are 12 of us here at the department but only two women, so it’s good to have another female member of staff. It’s my job to show and teach Anna what being an engineer actually involves.”

Tekniksprånget is a national Swedish programme which allows upper secondary school graduates to get practical experience with some of Sweden’s most renowned organizations. The goal is to demonstrate the possibilities of an engineering degree for a younger target group. The interns gain a better understanding of the profession and develop an interest in applying to study engineering or pursue another form of technical education. The Volvo Group is one of several participating companies. Read more

The Volvo Step (Volvosteget)
The Volvo Step is Volvo Group’s successful one-year vocational programme in industrial production targeting young unemployed people aged 18-22. The Volvo Step got under way in autumn 2012 and is a three-year project that will give a total of 1,200 young people the opportunity to receive paid vocational training lasting one year. All in all, the project represents an investment of 450 million kronor for the Volvo Group. Read more

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