Cycling from Gothenburg to Paris for cancer research

Sussi Nyman works as Volvo Group Executive Assistant. She is currently preparing for a somewhat unusual bicycle ride. As a member of Team Rynkeby Göteborg, she is going to cycle from Gothenburg to Paris – a distance of 1,200 kilometres, which will be completed in a week!


Why are you doing this?
“This cycle ride is part of a large international project which is aiming to collect money for the Swedish Children’s Cancer Fond. My main driving force is to take part and make a difference, as the fund is totally dependent on donations from companies and private individuals. The money is then used for research and education on child cancer. The good cause is the primary objective and it is dear to the heart of the people who are involved.”

How do you collect money?
“The money is collected via both sponsors and different events. All the participants cover their own costs, such as bicycles, food and accommodation on the journey. Every Swedish krona we collect is given to the Swedish Children’s Cancer Fond. A couple of the members of the team have lost children to cancer and this perhaps gives us even greater inspiration, as we know that research makes a difference.”  

You will be cycling about 200 kilometres a day. How has the team prepared for the challenge?
“During the winter, we trained indoors and I trained about five days a week. It’s important to build up your strength in your legs and body in order to manage to sit on a bike for so many hours a day. During the spring, we started outdoor training and this has included training on cycling in a group, as such a large number of us will be cycling together.”

What do you regard as the greatest challenge?
“Obviously it’s the distance! How is my body going to react to cycling 200 kilometres a day? It isn’t just physically demanding, it can also be really gruelling mentally, but we are a fantastic team and we are going to support one another every inch of the way!”

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