Renault Trucks on tour boosts kids’ language skills

The flagship of the new range, the Renault Trucks T 520 High, will go on tour to 130 towns across France to meet children aged 8 to 10. The purpose is to offer children an entertaining education in the French language using images. The program is called “Word Truck” and is off on its tenth tour in September.

Partnering the “Word Truck” since 2008, Renault Trucks is once again contributing to this initiative and presented the organisers with keys to a Renault Trucks T 520 High at the end of June. A vital component of this itinerant operation, the truck which will be used throughout the year is compliant with the Euro 6 antipollution standard and bears the Guaranteed Made in France label.

The “Word Truck” is a fully fledged pedagogical project. Preparatory work is carried out in the classroom and applied concretely in the truck: accompanied by their teacher, pupils choose a text, set it up and then make a video inside the vehicle, transformed into a mobile recording studio. At the end of the school year, a jury of professionals will award a prize to the best video at each level.

Julie Marconnet, in charge of sponsoring and patronage at Renault Trucks, explains:
“This operation proves the point that a truck is the only means of bringing a recording studio right into the school environment. Our new vehicle, the Renault Trucks T, designed and manufactured in France, will be stopping off in a different town every day.” 

“Our friends the trucks”
As part of its civic commitment and pedagogical initiatives, Renault Trucks also offers a booklet of games for children entitled “Our friends the trucks” in the colours of its new Euro 6 vehicles. Handed out during events for the general public, it aims to raise awareness of road haulage and what it entails among children aged between 6 and 9. It revolves around two children who head off on an educational and entertaining discovery of everything relating to trucks.


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