Transport efficiency in focus at International Transport Forum

“A closer cooperation between business and policymakers is needed to increase transport efficiency,” said Volvo Group President and CEO Olof Persson when meeting with transport ministers.


The International Transport Forum, which is part of the international organisation for economic co-operation and development OECD, gathers ministers for transport, experts and decision makers from countries all over the world to an annual meeting in Leipzig, Germany. The topic for the forum this year is Transport for a changing world and among the participants were also many business leaders from transport and related sectors.

Volvo Group President and CEO Olof Persson was invited to speak at the forum  and choose to talk about the possibilities of information and communication technology, ICT, as an enabler for increased transport efficiency, traffic safety and sustainability.

“We need much stronger support from authorities and society as new paradigm shift concepts are very cost intensive to introduce. Society must be prepared for introducing them, for instance within the framework of infrastructure and connectivity standards. ICT solutions can be a catalyst for environmental, economic and social sustainability. In this area we have everything to gain from closer cooperation between policymakers and industry,” said Olof Persson in his speech.


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