“The whole world is going to be watching”

In June, one of the world’s largest sporting events, the World Cup in Football, gets under way in Brazil. Two of the arenas will be lit using industrial engines from Volvo Penta. João Luiz Zarpelão, head of industrial engines at Volvo Penta in South America, explains what this means to the Volvo Group.


“It’s a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the strength of our brand in the industrial segment in South America. The whole world is going to be watching and it’s exciting that our engines are going to be there, helping to make this event possible.”

You are doing this in collaboration with Stemac. What kind of company is this?
“It’s a Brazilian company that was set up in 1961 and it is the largest producer of gensets in South America, with a market share of 57 per cent. Stemac produces 8,000 units a year and we strengthened our partnership with the company last year, when we installed some 250 Volvo Penta engines in its generators.”

How important is this partnership?
“Extremely important. This is an expanding market where Volvo Penta is currently making significant advances with its industrial engines. Stemac and Volvo Penta are two powerful brands, both of which match the requirements governing quality and service.”

Which arenas will Volvo Penta be lighting?
“Beira Rio in Porto Alegre, where five matches will be played, and Manaus, which will host four matches. What’s more, gensets will be used at the Natal Brasilia and Guarulhos Airports. In all, 36 gensets equipped with 13- and 16-litre engines will be involved.”

Will you be watching any of the matches?
“Well, Brazil is a major footballing nation and I’m an enthusiastic, proud supporter. It goes without saying that having our engines in operation will increase my interest and everyone here Volvo Penta in South America is incredibly interested. We are planning to watch the matches at which we shall be responsible for the lighting, first and foremost at the stadium in Manaus.”


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