Info graphic: Volvo Group Sustainability Report 2013

Over the last year the Volvo Group has made great progress towards sustainable transport solutions. Find out more about the initiatives and key projects in the 2013 Sustainability Report.


Below is a snapshot of how the Volvo Group act responsibly as a business, create value for the stakeholders and develop cleaner, smarter and safer solutions for the transport and infrastructure of tomorrow. Feel free to share the info graphic in social media.


You can read the full report on





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  1. Really effective way of showing the Volvo Group way of thinking. Good.
    Also glad to see that your sustainability policies as a clear part of your vision and day to day business. However, would it be possible to work for and express Volvo Groups strategy more clearly for social sustainability, not only as a result of your deliveries but also as an employer and your demands on your partners?
    It could be an effective way to spread good values and ways of acting to contribute to a sustainable world, too…

    Proud of Volvo as a company origin from Gothenburg, doing good globally.

    • Dear Robert,
      Thank you for your suggestion and interest for our work in CSR and Sustainability. The info graphic is a snapshot of what we do and therefore it is difficult to cover all the areas. We do consider the social dimension as important as the environmental and economic dimension. You will find more information on the social dimension mostly in the section “Our employees” and “Purchasing” in the Sustainability Report 2013. You are welcome to read the full report on

      Best Regards,
      Malin Ripa, Senior Vice President CSR Management
      Volvo Group Headquarters