Meet our employee Vishal Krishna Fadke

Vishal Krishna Fadke loves to paint – both at work and in his leisure time.
In the paint shop at the Volvo Group’s truck plant in Bangalore in India, he uses his skills and knowledge and his sense of how a perfectly painted surface should look. 


When Vishal was working at the Indian company, the Godrej Group, in the city of Mumbai, he saw a bus carrying the Volvo brand name on one of the large motorways.

He liked the appearance of the bus so much that he eventually decided to apply for a job at the Volvo Group in Bangalore.

“I have always been interested in and fascinated by design and that bus made such an impression on me that I really wanted to work with that kind of vehicle and product,” he explains.

So, when a job came up at the truck plant paint shop at Group Trucks Operations in Bangalore, Vishal applied and he has never regretted his decision.

“I like it here. There’s a wonderful atmosphere and great understanding between the co-workers,” he says.

Vishal Krishna Fadke works in the paint shop, where he is involved in the whole process of painting trucks. He thinks inspecting the finished paintwork to make sure there are no defects is particularly interesting and enjoyable.

“As painting is my main hobby, I can put my knowledge and skills to good use here and make sure the product is as perfect as it can possibly be,” he says.

Vishal has been interested in painting since he was a boy, when he enjoyed painting nature and animals. He trained at the Institute of Industrial Technology in the field of industrial painting and several of his paintings have been published in the local newspaper, for example.

“One of the reporters liked my paintings so much that he wanted to put them in the paper and it’s always great when someone likes what I do,” he says.

Vishal has no problem whatsoever filling his leisure time. He is incredibly interested in sport and, apart from that, painting takes up a great deal of his time. He often spends the evenings and weekends painting and the subjects are frequently taken from his working environment.

Vishal’s usually finds inspiration for his painting in advertising, both at the cinema and in newspapers. What is more, he is really energetic.

“Yes, I probably have between 20 and 30 paintings at home right now that I have painted,” he says.

Every painting takes at least a day to produce. While he is painting, Vishal enjoys listening to music.

“It inspires me. Music is also one of my hobbies. I love it and it gives me energy in my work,” he adds.

He has won a number of prizes for his painting. One of them was the result of a competition the plant organized for the employees.

In the future, Vishal envisages a life in which painting still takes up a large part of his leisure time.

“It goes without saying that I want to continue painting and produce works of art that inspire me. At the same time, I want the people who see my paintings to feel happy and inspired by what they see,” he says.


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