Smart cockpit system with auto guidance

Daniel Wallberg is a technical project leader at Volvo Penta. He has been responsible for developing the Glass Cockpit system, which has been presented with a number of awards in different parts of the world.


How does that feel?
“Fantastic! It just goes to show that we have succeeded with our ambitious targets. We knew that this was a good system and this has now been confirmed.”

What is Glass Cockpit?
“It’s an integrated control and monitoring system which collects information about the engine and navigation on a display.”

Why is it so good?
“Instead of 14 different components that display different data, we show everything on a number of large screens. This gives a better overview and is far clearer for the driver. When you start the boat, the screens light up, like displays in a car, and you can then simply press them to obtain information. It’s also better for boat builders.”

“They can save time and be more efficient, as they have just one unit to install.”

How did work on the system begin?
“We work in close collaboration with the electronic manufacturer, Garmin, and we wanted to expand our customer offer. We started about four years ago and we have been working actively on this for the past two and a half years.”

Is there anything you are particularly proud of?
“Yes, the nautical chart function, Auto guidance, is really cool! You select your final destination and activate the function. The boat then basically guides itself. So, when it comes to auto-steering vehicles, we have really come a long way at Volvo Penta.”

You received an award at the BoatBuilders boat show in the USA, together with the Design Award in Europe. What does this mean for Volvo Penta?
“It strengthens the brand and shows that we are the most innovative company in the boat industry. At the same time, it will increase the percentage of satisfied customers.”

How are you going to celebrate?
“We haven’t really celebrated it as yet, but the time has probably come to do so!”


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