Rear-view mirror 1996

1996 was the year in which Volvo Buses opened its plant in Wroclaw in Poland. It went on to make its name as the most modern plant in Europe, partly because it featured the very latest technology and had a top-class waste treatment system.

The inauguration attracted many interested people, from the press, radio and TV in Poland, as well as from trade and industry and the government.  

The new bus plant created hundreds of job opportunities in the region and was an extremely important addition.

The then president of Volvo Buses, Björn Larsson, planned to make the inauguration ceremony somewhat dramatic. So, instead of cutting a silk ribbon, he used a cutting machine to open the doors to the plant!  

This plant in Poland has developed significantly over the years and the production of complete city and intercity buses and coaches in Europe is now wholly concentrated in Wroclaw. Among other things, this plant is responsible for the production of the highly attractive hybrid buses.

Following its establishment in Poland, Volvo Buses continued to expand. At the end of the 1990s, its acquisitions included Carrus in Finland, Prevost Car and Nova Bus in North America and MASA in Mexico. What is more, a joint venture was set up in Shanghai in China and, at the beginning of 2000, bus production got under way in Bangalore in India. 


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