Meet our employee Juan Carlos Gómez

Juan Carlos Gómez works as an aftersales and customer service co-ordinator at the Volvo Bus & Truck Centre in Valdemoro, just outside Madrid in Spain


What do you do at work?
“In addition to my work as aftersales and customer service co-ordinator, I am technically trained to handle complicated tasks – in particular, things related to electricity and electronics.

Of the 21 mechanics who work here in Valdemoro, six of us have these special skills. Volvo Buses has organised a training programme and, after completing the course, you receive a diploma as a Bus Key Technician. Interest focuses on electrical systems and bus chassis, as well as advanced diagnostics and hybrid technology.

It’s important to offer customers this service. We always work in close proximity to our customers and get to know them and their vehicles. We are often able to prevent and resolve potential problems before they actually occur. However, if something unexpected happens, we need to be able to make the correct diagnosis and solve the problem at short notice, so that the bus can return to the road as quickly as possible.

Even the bus operators with their own mechanics sometimes require special assistance, especially if they have different bus brands in their fleets.

So our expertise is very much in demand. I am out on assignments at customers’ facilities virtually every day.”


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