Into the future with City Mobility Team

Montreal, Hamburg, Luxembourg and Gothenburg have at least two things in common – all have decided to meet the future with greener and more efficient transport. And all are planning to achieve this in collaboration with Volvo Buses.


“The experience and knowhow possessed by Volvo Buses enables us to offer more than just vehicles. We want to reach the people who make the decisions in the cities and act as coordinating partner in the development of their transport systems, opening the way for increased sales of both products and services. This is key if Volvo Buses is to achieve sustainable profitability,” says Jessica Sandström, Senior Vice President and head of the Volvo Buses City Mobility Team.

Improving mobility in traffic, reducing noise pollution and improving air quality are high on the agendas of many densely populated cities around the world. A smoothly functioning and long-term sustainable public transport system is crucial to meeting this challenge successfully. This offers Volvo Buses expanded business opportunities and the company has now established a new central support unit – the City Mobility Team – to support the local sales organisations.

The City Mobility Team includes some of Volvo Buses’ leading experts in transport solutions. The idea is that the team will serve as a competence resource for all of the company’s business regions in liaising with public agencies and traffic authorities regarding public transport systems. Familiarisation with local conditions – what the city’s vision is, which problems must be solved and what resources are available – will be an important aspect of the team’s work. This will lead to an analysis of different options which, apart from vehicles and services, may include route optimisation and capacity planning proposals, as well as life-cycle cost calculations.

Volvo Buses’ ambition of offering complete transport solutions is certainly not new; however, this is the first time that the company has assembled leading edge knowhow of this type at high, central level. Within a short time span, Volvo Buses has assumed a leading position in the area of electro mobility and now, as global interest in fully or partly electrified vehicles continues to grow, the time is opportune to exploit this lead. Volvo Buses is also a world leader in high-capacity, bus­based transport systems, or BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), knowhow that has been acquired largely through long collaboration with the cities of Curitiba, Brazil and Bogotá, Colombia, and is also available to other cities.


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