Meet our employee Yvan Creignou

Yvan Creignou works as head of cab trimming for the new Renault Trucks’ model range at the plant in Blainville in France. He is 42 years old and has been with the Volvo Group for 18 years.


What do you do at work?

“I manage seven team leaders and they all have 20-25 co-workers in their teams. For some time now, we have been working under the highest secrecy on the new cabs for the new Renault Trucks’ range and working on the vehicles of the future has been really stimulating.

The cabs arrive here empty from the paint shop and we equip them with seats, carpeting, windows, control panels and wiring.

It’s my job to guide the co-workers and I do this first and foremost at meetings of different kinds. Every day, we have structured meetings to check how things are going. At the same time, a quick response, quality control, meetings and conversations with co-workers at different levels are also important.

I like working with other people and not a day passes without my walking round the workshop so that I can acquire a better understanding of every single issue.

In my leisure time, I exercise by running at least 10 kilometres a week, but my real passion is hunting small game.”


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