“Important contribution to the future of Indian transport industry”

The time has come when we can finally present the result of our efforts over the last five years in India.  Our joint-venture with Eicher Motors Ltd, VE Commercial Vehicles, is launching the new Eicher Pro Series today, which is a major breakthrough in modernising the Indian transport industry. 


The recent economic downturn has affected the Indian economy, and the truck market went down by 24 per cent this year. However, this industry has always been cyclical, and the transport fundamentals continue to remain strong, with a potential of 500,000 units per annum in the next few years.

Despite the subdued economic situation, transport companies are increasingly interested in more modern, capable and effective products. Rising fuel prices have created a heightened demand for fuel efficient technology.  There is no doubt that the industry needs new solutions to meet the customers’ challenges.

The new Eicher Pro range is the answer to these demands. Based on the principles of “relevant modernisation”, that is, improvement of key features at little or no price increase, the product range shows dramatic improvements, not just on fuel efficiency (keeping and even improving the Eicher leadership in this area), but also on uptime and durability. The new range also addresses another critical factor; driver comfort. This is not just a “nice to have” feature: on the difficult Indian roads, a less tired driver can cover up to 20 per cent more distance per day, which directly impacts productivity.

This new range is the result of five years of cooperation between VECV and the Volvo Group in the areas of technology and processes. It utilizes a new portfolio of modern, world-class aggregates and is produced in new manufacturing facilities. It covers a whole range of sizes and silhouettes; tractors, rigids and tippers, from 5 to 49T gross vehicle weight (GVW).  A new line of buses is also available on the same platforms. In all segments and applications, our aim is to bring productivity, and ultimately prosperity, to our customers and drivers. We also plan to make the Eicher brand available for our customers and business partners in a large number of countries, and we have developed dedicated versions for export markets.

We are proud and confident that this new range will make an important contribution to the future of Indian trucking, providing our customers with new solutions that will bring their operations to a new level of performance.


Philippe Divry
Senior Vice President, India Joint Ventures
The Volvo Group


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