Female Engineer 2013 awarded for site

Marie Lagström, engineer and management consultant at Volvo Group Business Transformation Services has received the Talent Excellence Award “Female Engineer 2013”. The prize is awarded annually as a way to further increase the interest for engineering and highlight competent female engineers.

Marie Lagström is awarded together with Emelie Andrén Meiton, a fellow student during their time together at KTH, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology. They are the founders of the website Womengineer.

“I am very excited to receive the award and it is especially pleasing to see that our work to encourage more women to apply to various engineering professions is being recognised,” says Marie Lagström, who joined the Volvo Group in 2011 when she was accepted for the global trainee programme.

The employer branding company Universum and the defence and security company Saab is handing out the award each year. The motivation reads:

“The award is being given to two creative and enthusiastic female engineers who are already experienced in both international work and leadership. They are both driven by challenges and work towards a mission of having equally as many men and women graduating from universities as engineers in Sweden by 2030. Their burning interest in encouraging girls and young women to the engineering field goes hand in hand with Saab’s ambitions. We believe that we will see a lot more of these two young women in the future.”

Marie Lagström and Emelie Andrén Meiton founded Womengineer as a non-profit organisation during their years studying Design and Product Realization. The web site has had some 30,000 visitors and is today portraying several female bloggers giving their story about everyday life as an engineer. 

“We created the site that we would have wanted to see ourselves really, and to learn from. The target group are students about to apply for university and selecting their path ahead. We want to inspire young women to become engineers, that they will see and discover what an engineering profession is like and what opportunities it may provide to their career. Many women don’t ever consider it at all.”


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  1. Congratulations on winning the price! Is it a man engineer of the year asweel? Or do woman get to win in both catagories? Kinda sexist.

    • Thank you. The Female of the Year award is hosted by Universum and Saab, as a way to further increase the interest for engineering and highlight
      competent female engineers. We are very pleased that Volvo engineer Marie Lagström won this year. And to our knowledge there is no male equivalent award.