New mobile app to help optimise costs

Renault Trucks is offering a new application, Cost Saver, allowing those working in the transport industry to optimise their operating costs, taking into account each haulier’s individual circumstances and needs. 


The manufacturer’s aim is to optimise the overall cost of using the vehicles. This covers the overall cost of a vehicle (also known as TCO, Total Cost of Ownership), the cost of acquiring the vehicle and its fuel of course, but also the costs associated with the driver, administrative charges, maintenance or repairs.  

With the new app, those working in the haulage industry get details of solutions which will allow them to reduce each cost centre per vehicle range and can enter their own information into the calculator. The final step is then to get in touch with Renault Trucks to define the most appropriate transport solution for their needs.

With its offers concerning financing, insurance, instruction in economic driving and locally available services for efficient maintenance, Renault Trucks has designed its new range of vehicles and services with the aim of limiting hauliers’ costs. The Cost Saver application has been designed in line with these objectives.

There are now eleven Renault Trucks applications available from the AppStore and Google Play. Find out more


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