US President shows interest in Volvo Group hybrid solution

During a state visit to Sweden US President Barack Obama met with the Volvo Group President and CEO Olof Persson and showed interest in the hybrid driveline developed by the Volvo Group.

On September 4th US President Barack Obama visited Sweden. One part of his program was a visit to the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm where new and innovative energy solutions were shown.

As one of three exhibitors the Volvo Group showed the US President the world’s first electric plug-in hybrid parallel driveline for heavy bus application. The driveline from Volvo Buses is world-leading in fuel efficiency and reduces fuel consumption and emissions with up to 80% compared to a traditional diesel bus.

The President turned out to be very interested in new and energy efficient transport solutions and wondered how the Volvo Group viewed the possibilities to turn green solutions into business. The President also asked many questions about the technology used in the driveline and expressed an optimistic view on the development of batteries.

– We wanted to show the President how we will take bus transportation into the 21st century in a sustainable fashion. This technology has been developed by the Volvo Group and is already used in daily traffic in Gothenburg where we have created the most modern and innovative bus operation in the world, says Olof Persson, President and CEO of the Volvo Group.


– Our vision is to be the world leader in sustainable transport solutions and we are happy to share our know-how in order to contribute to a positive trend in society. By utilizing this technology in close cooperation with city planners and high tech companies as well as universities, we will create a truly sustainable public transport system, says Olof Persson.
The Volvo Group have production and research facilities in five US states and 12.500 employees in the US.

Photographer: Kristian Pohl / Prime Minister’s office


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