“Quester marks a new era for UD Trucks”

With Quester, UD Trucks is entering a new and exciting development phase. For the first time, we will offer customers in the largest and fastest growing truck segments in the world a truck designed specifically to meet their demands.
The first target markets for Quester are Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Soon China, India and several other markets across Asia-Pacific, but also globally, will follow. This marks the beginning of six years of listening to our customers, attending to their needs and innovating for their future.

There are several reasons why Quester will be the first choice for transport companies. For example, Quester is a modern yet affordable vehicle; it allows customization for most transport requirements; it is based on a complete and up-to-date heavy duty truck platform designed to serve a wide range of applications and it enables excellent fuel consumption and high average speeds.

We say Quester represents the best of three worlds:

• Quester has been developed with a Japanese hands-on, field-oriented approach that starts from a customer and factory floor perspective. UD Trucks’ more than 70 years of Japanese craftsmanship has gone into creating this new masterpiece.

• As part of the Volvo Group, Quester has been developed by the Volvo Group’s trucks technology function. The project has engaged colleagues from twelve different nationalities, who have contributed in the project team to design, develop, validate and industrialize Quester and its associated services.

• As a third element, local sourcing and manufacturing allows Quester to be an affordable vehicle with superior performance in the cost-conscious growth markets of the world. Quester is also supported by a large and expanding service network providing UD Genuine Service and UD Genuine Parts to ensure best possible uptime.

In addition to the truck itself with its all-new cab, driveline, electronic architecture and fuel savings features – UD Trucks and our many colleagues around the world stand ready to go the extra mile in order to support our customers in their quest to run profitably growing businesses.

You can trust us to be with each customer every step of the way. That is the essence of our long-cherished Gemba Spirit. We have great hopes and expectations on Quester to further evolve our enduring legacy and continuous brand promise of Ultimate Dependability. So should you.

Joachim Rosenberg, Executive Vice President Group Trucks Sales & Marketing in Asia


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