New UD heavy duty truck platform

On August 26, UD Trucks launched Quester in Bangkok, a new heavy duty truck range meeting customers’ needs. With Quester, UD Trucks targets truck markets in Asia and other fast growing regions.

Quester, a modern heavy duty truck platform designed to serve a wide range of applications for mining, construction, distribution and long-haul transportation, is the first Japanese truck that provides a large variety of heavy duty transport variants based on one common platform. With Quester, UD Trucks offers a robust, reliable and efficient vehicle that combines the best of global technology and Japanese craftsmanship. Distribution of Quester will first start in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

“UD Trucks, with a proud tradition of developing high quality trucks for the Japanese market, has for a long time successfully exported trucks across markets in Asia, Africa, Middle-East and South America,” said Joachim Rosenberg, Chairman UD Trucks. “With Quester, UD Trucks is now entering a new era by introducing an additional truck range, designed especially for growth markets.”

After years of extensive quality control tests conducted by UD Trucks and the Volvo Group, Quester was developed with a Japanese hands-on, field-oriented approach founded on a customer and factory floor perspective. Quester performs impressively, provides good value and satisfies owners’ expectations in every aspect. “Quester is built and refined based on insights from customers’ day-to-day needs and cutting-edge knowhow gained from UD Trucks’ many years of experience in Asia, the Volvo Group’s global footprint and the best locally sourced parts”, said Nobuhiko Kishi, Vice President UD Trucks Product Strategy.

“More than 400 full-time experts were involved in designing, developing, validating and industrializing Quester and its associated services”, added Joachim Rosenberg. “We spent 1,500,000 engineering hours and 65,000 tests hours to ensure that Quester delivers as well in real life as when it was conceived by our skilled engineers”.

In order for transport companies to provide better support to their customers, UD Trucks will increase its distribution channels through strategically located and authorized dealers as well as offer extensive customer service and support packages. UD Aftermarket Support and UD Genuine Service will deliver quality and value to ensure that Quester runs in optimum condition in local markets as to reduce unplanned stops, increase vehicle uptime and protect investments. 

UD Trucks’ telematics service will be introduced through Quester in selected markets to collect information and closely monitor vehicles’ condition. This hardware is an indispensable tool to reduce trucks’ downtime in times of breakdowns. Furthermore, Quester boasts a new cab designed to absorb road shocks and vibrations.
With Quester, UD Trucks also introduces the Fuel Coaching System, a tool that will help reduce the amount of fuel used. The system gives instant feedbacks and assistance to the drivers to help them drive as economically as possible, while maintaining average trip times.

A production system for completely built-up UD trucks is under development in Thailand, India and China.

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