“I’m not simply offering a product”

When Darren Tasker sells Volvo Penta’s industrial engines in the USA, he sees himself as the customer’s partner. “We are selling a component for a machine that is then going to be sold on. It’s up to us to make sure that the customer succeeds,” he says.

Customers are very varied, from global companies to local OEMs, producing machines of every kind, from mining and construction equipment to diesel-powered gensets. It is important that Darren Tasker knows as much as possible about the customer’s different requirements and expectations, the challenges that are involved and the end users.

“The end users purchase a machine, not a Volvo Penta engine, but they obviously expect the product to be effective and fuel efficient and that’s where we come into the picture,” he says.

According to Darren, competition in the industry is fierce. The only way to secure sales is to offer benefits over competitors and this is where acquiring a deep understanding of customers is important.

“Close customer relationships offer the opportunity to align the products and services offered by Volvo Penta to the needs of the customer,” he says and goes on to underline that it is a question not simply of offering a perfect product but also of being involved and being familiar with the entire chain.

“We make sure that the engine reaches the customer’s plant in time and that the installation is optimised. We then ensure that the engine is supported in operation,” he explains. Volvo Penta is planning to grow its industrial engine business and this is something Darren welcomes. “It’s really exciting to be part of this process,” he says.


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