“The Volvo Way makes us better”

Few other companies in the world have such a strong commitment to their corporate culture as we do, here at the Volvo Group.

On my journeys to different parts of the world, I often meet co-workers who are passionate believers in our culture and are proud of the way we work together. This is a strength that has had and will continue to have a decisive impact on the Group’s success. Our common culture, what we represent and what we plan to achieve in the future is clearly described in The Volvo Way.

It will soon be 18 months since we implemented the largest organisational changes in the Volvo Group’s history. This reorganisation was made to make us more effective and increase our profitability. Now, 18 months since the start of the new organisation and our new way of working, our common culture is a decisive asset for all of us. It is, after all, our culture, with the emphasis on teamwork, open dialogue and respect for the individual, which is enabling us to complete these comprehensive changes so swiftly and successfully. Even if some questions still need to be answered, we have made a huge amount of progress. The fact that our decision-making processes are more clearly defined and more rapid represents one important step along the way.

I find it inspiring to see the energy and creativity with which our Group has adopted this process of change. I see it as proof of the important asset our common culture represents. At the end of the day, it is the people in an organisation who join forces to implement strategies and put plans into practice. Without a strong and cohesive culture, it makes no difference how good the plans look on paper. Our culture, The Volvo Way, will help us become better. 

Olof Persson


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