Volvo Penta in best-selling novel

The renowned American author Dan Brown, best known for writing The Da Vinci Code, mentions Volvo Penta in his latest novel Inferno. 

​“My boat, she is the fastest in all of Venezia. As Langdon and the others settled into plush seats in the open-air stern, Maurizo reversed the boat´s Volvo Penta motor, expertly backing away from the bank…“ writes Dan Brown.
Dan Brown is the author of a number of famous novels, including The Da Vinci Code, and he is known for his detailed research before writing his novels. And with strong market share in the Venice Lagoon, it´s not surprising that Dan Brown mentions Volvo Penta.
It is perhaps not a leading part for Volvo Penta in the novel, but still. Not bad to be mentioned in a positive context in a global best-selling novel.


Nicola Pomi, Marine Sales Manager for Volvo Penta in Italy, gives his views on the subject.
Why do you think Dan Brown mentions Volvo Penta in his latest novel?
-It is quite logical. Venice is like home market for Volvo Penta. There are about 400 commercial boats on duty in the Venice Lagoon, and over 60 percent of them have Volvo Penta engines. The boat that Dan Brown is referring to is a taxi boat, and in the Venice Lagoon, more than 40 percent of them have Volvo Penta power.
What is the explanation to Volvo Penta´s strong position in Venice?
-First and foremost, Volvo Penta has the right products, aftermarket and of course a very strong brand. The Venice taxi boats are generally equipped with D3 or D4 engines, and operate about 2,000-2,500 hours per year. This puts tremendous strains on installations, engines and drives, and Volvo Penta has been recognized for meeting these demands. We have developed the market since 1970 and the boat operators love our engines.
Will Volvo Penta maintain its strong positions in Venice?
-No doubt about it. Since last year, we have increased sales with 20 percent. This has been possible through close collaboration between the local boat operators and our Venice dealer, Ing. Ruggero Vio. And with Volvo Penta´s new products, we will definitely continue to be successful.


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