Text + TV: The all new Renault trucks series is here

A Volvo Group developed Euro 6 engine, a radically new design and exhaustive quality testing. Renault Trucks launches a brand new trucks series that has all the components of success.

Watch a video of the new range here

Backed by the global Volvo Group, the new trucks will replace Renault Trucks’ entire fleet. Bruno Blin, president of Renault Trucks, sees great opportunities to capture market shares by offering the perfect tools for its customers to operate their businesses.

 “A revolutionary range that sets new standards in terms of robustness, reliability and fuel savings: in fact, everything to make a truck a cost-efficient tool in an increasingly competitive economic climate.”

Bernard Modat, Renault Trucks’ Global Brand senior vice-president, concludes, “Even though we are aiming to create pride among drivers with our new range, we haven’t only set out to design ‘beautiful trucks’. In addition, we have focused on developing reliable, profitable ‘working tools”.

All the project teams have focused on renewing the entire Renault Trucks range. This is particularly true of the design team, which has seen almost 70 people from 10 different countries focusing on the development of the new range.

According to Hervé Bertrand, Renault Trucks’ design director, the new range is a real break with the past. “At the same time, we drew inspiration from the best of Renault Trucks to create it. There is still the powerful visual impact of the Renault Magnum and its double architecture, distinguishing the technical part of the vehicle from the cab, combined with all the commercial efficiency delivered by the Renault Premium Long Distance. In addition, we have also had many conversations with drivers, customers and dealers, giving us the insight to meet their needs in every respect,” he says.

The front of the trucks is the most characteristic angle with its shape inspired by the Greek letter pi (∏).

“Most of our competitors have chosen to feature radiator grilles in the form of a vase on their new ranges. We have chosen to do the opposite – giving Renault Trucks’ vehicles a broader, more reassuring base on the road,” Hervé Bertrand says.

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