“A historic event”

Renault Trucks’ renewal of its range is a historic event, a genuine revolution.
It marks the climax of seven years of investment, innovation and attention to the needs of customers in the transport world. We now have great pride in presenting this new Renault Trucks range to you.

A revolutionary range that sets new standards in terms of robustness, comfort and fuel savings: in fact everything to make trucks cost efficient tools in an increasingly competitive economic climate.

We have developed a “working tool” in partnership with 50 haulers that is perfectly geared to meet the challenges of cost efficiency their activity demands. Created to be profit centres, these new tools stand apart from everything else on the market.
Closely associating a vehicle with service offerings, they will create quite a stir by their low operating costs, reliability and, of course, by their style which will give drivers great pride in driving them!

The cab design has been very much shaped by aerodynamic considerations and our aim to reduce fuel consumption. This is why the windscreen is inclined at an angle of 12°. But there is the same interior comfort as was found in the Renault Magnum thanks to a width of 2.5 m and headroom allowing drivers over 1 m 85 to stand fully upright. We also wanted to have a totally separate driving position while at the same time optimising the interior storage space. Both inside and out, everything has been done to express these new vehicles’ efficiency and their determination to assert themselves as genuine working tools for our customers.

The culture of delivering operational performance and profitability is part of Renault Trucks DNA. And now, more than ever, Renault Trucks is making a commitment to haulers and their drivers. A commitment expressed in the brand claim Renault Trucks Deliver.

Bruno Blin, President Renault Trucks


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