Festive opening of ‘Farfars Bil’

More than 700 children and adults came to Liseberg, Scandinavia’s largest amusement park, yesterday to celebrate the opening of the new Farfars Bil. The children on site were all very keen to drive and one of them was Livia Ollfors, the grandchild of Assar Gabrielsson’s (founder of Volvo) grandchild. Livia cut the ribbon and opened the ride with great support from Olof Persson, CEO of the Volvo Group and Andreas Andersen, MD at Liseberg.

Livia was behind the wheel during the premier tour, with her grandmother sitting next to her while Olof Persson and Andreas Andersen travelled on the truck platform. After that, the ride was open for all the little drivers and they really did go for it. The trucks, which are inspired by Volvo trucks from the early 30s, had to show their true colours and the ride was free all day for all children.

Farfars Bil is one of Liseberg’s most classic and loved rides. Together, Liseberg and the Volvo Group have created an experience which takes the children on a journey from city, to coast and the countryside. They also get to learn about traffic safety and Volvo’s history. The children can pick up a driving license with their picture, which shows that they have participated in Liseberg’s and the Volvo Group’s driving school.


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