“Cooperation with WWF reduced our emissions”

I recently received a report that made me both proud and happy. It was a summary that showed how much the Volvo Group had succeeded in cutting CO2 emissions from our plants and products in 2012.

Four years ago the Volvo Group was the first vehicle manufacturer in the world approved to participate in the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Climate Savers programme. This is a global programme where companies give an undertaking to cut their CO2 emissions.

The Volvo Group promised to cut emissions from its plants by half a million tonnes by 2014. For our products, we undertook to reduce lifetime emissions by at least 30 million tonnes during the same period. And thus far, things look very promising indeed. The 2012 summary shows that we are actually ahead of our overall targets.

Cooperation with WWF has given us even more reason to focus on fuel efficiency. We have refined our simulation tools and our follow-up mechanism for improving the fuel efficiency of our products. Fuel-efficient products benefit our customers and thus our business. Of course it is a great advantage to us when WWF, which is perhaps the world’s most respected pro-environmental organisation, publicises the results of our partnership. This cooperation has definitely helped further strengthen the way we communicate about the environment, one of our core values.

When discussions about our partnership started WWF was not entirely happy about the arrangement. Many people at WWF felt that the organisation should not ally itself with a company that manufactures such polluting products – ‘truck transport’ was virtually a swear-word for many there. Today WWF regards Volvo as the company that will lead the industry towards more sustainable transports and they are doubtless as happy as we are over our cooperation.

WWF was the first NGO to be allowed in China and the organisation has a highly respected reputation in the country, working among other things as advisors to the Chinese government on environmental issues. It is thus naturally a good partner for Volvo Group to have as we expand our presence in China, and I am convinced that in the future we will enjoy even deeper cooperation with both WWF and other NGOs. These are organisations that will become increasingly important partners for us.


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