“Our vision will make us stronger”

The Volvo Group’s vision is to be world leader in sustainable transport solutions. This is a bold vision that turns the spotlight on sustainability. Several of the global challenges the world faces are directly or indirectly related to the infrastructure and the transport sector. They include climate change, population growth, urbanisation and the shortage of natural resources and raw materials. I am convinced that sustainable products and services are going to be essential for our survival as a globally competitive Group during the decades to come.

I am also convinced that our vision will strengthen the Volvo Group and improve our potential to recognise new business opportunities at an early stage. In our efforts to realise this vision, we are going to capture market share and advance our positions, while helping to change the world and enable it to move in a more sustainable direction.

The Volvo Group has three definitions of sustainability as its starting point: environmental, social and economic sustainability.  Sustainability is first and foremost a question of reducing the negative environmental impact of our products. We need to reduce the emission of particulates, carbon dioxide and noise. We can do this by reducing the fuel consumption of our products and investing in renewable fuels and electric vehicles, for example. By utilising resources more effectively in production and giving our products longer service lives, we can reduce the stress that is imposed on the environment.

At the same time, however, we need a definition of sustainability that has a broader focus than the environment alone. To enable our vision to act as a powerful tool, we need to pay the same attention to social and economic sustainability. 

When we talk about social sustainability, we are referring to the role the Group plays in society. We take active social responsibility and collaborate with everyone from international organisations and universities to local authorities and individual citizens in order to contribute to positive developments in the communities in which we are active.

When it comes to economic sustainability, we are referring to the important role we play in creating growth, job opportunities and enhanced quality of life in many communities all over the world. By developing the infrastructure and effective transport systems, we can create benefits for our customers and for society as a whole.  Our products have a decisive impact on enabling a whole range of vital social functions to function and develop.

Since we presented our new vision, I have received confirmation on many occasions that a common, future-oriented vision is something that will strengthen our Group. We are on the right track and I am sure that, by combining our efforts, we are going to realise our objective.


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  1. I am also convinced that our vision will strengthen the Volvo Group and improve our potential to recognise new business opportunities at an early stage.