Attracting young talent in China

Through an ongoing development program for university graduates, Volvo Financial Services (VFS) in China is attracting, developing and retaining young talent.

“There is high pressure to recruit the right talent for the Volvo Group in China,” says Ting Liu, HR & Communications Manager at VFS China. “The VFS program gives us the chance to develop finance and accounting candidates, while at the same time integrate young talent into the Volvo Group.”

During the one-year program, participants gain temporary employment at VFS and are given exposure to different areas within the company through hands-on job rotation. With the guidance of an experienced mentor, participants contribute to the business as junior professionals.

 “The job rotation offers the participants a holistic view of the company,” says Ting Liu. “They get to walk through the business and understand more about different points in the value chain.”

Program participants rotate between departments based on business needs. Getting hands on experience when the business is at its peak provides a return on investment for both the participants and the company. The participants contribute to the business development and become an integrated part of the VFS team.

After each job rotation, participants receive feedback from their mentor and have the chance to discuss development opportunities during the next rotation. Training is also provided for the mentors, so that they have the chance to grow as leaders.

“We care about young talent in China,” says Ting Liu. “We develop both the program participants and the mentors together. It is a win-win situation,” concludes Ting. “The mentors grow as potential emerging leaders, while both the mentors and the participants feel the direct contribution to the business objectives. “


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