Youths drawing future transport solutions

Give 13-year-olds a free rein and their creative ideas simply keep flowing. Now you can enjoy their drawings of tomorrow’s transport solutions. Also remember to share your own ideas.

Recently, 13-year-old school students were given the opportunity to think out of the box regarding next-generation transport solutions and to draw their ideas. After that a group of university engineering undergraduates took over, developing some of the children’s ideas into design sketches.

This slide show includes some of the youth’s drawings. To see them all, and to meet tomorrow’s engineers of the Volvo Group, go to Volvo Group Tech World. Sketch, draw or animate your own ideas about next-generation transport solutions and share them with the rest of the world by using the hashtag #anotherfuture.


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  1. like looking at new articals all the time

  2. I know a child in India who is obssessed with automobiles and knows a lot about the latest techonology. He is all of 12 years old but cannot wait to develop his ideas. Can we start a programme to provide a channel to such children to express and work on their ideas in whatever small way possible? the ideas this kid has are extremely futuristic and very innovative. I am sure we will be able to use their ideas and open up to thinking outside the box and re enter into a path of possibilities.

  3. Why, next to image 12, is the Swedish word for the “undercarriage track” translated to English as “Caterpillar band”?