Infographic: Volvo Group Sustainability Report 2012

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  1. Referring to the comments on BRT. The limiting factor for public transports in most cities is the cost. The net effect of public transports is to the lion part realized by replacing two wheelers, three wheelers and cars. In EU for example the environmental load is expressed as the sum of the energy use, the hazardous emissions of NOx and particulates and of green house gases. (2009/33/EC). This means that trams and metro make less useful work for the money both from an investment perspective as from a running cost perspective. Yes, in some few exceptional cases BRT is indeed not sufficient and underground transport is required. Mostly, however the whole idea of BRT is more efficient use of existing infrastructure, rather than inducing more transports by building further transport channels. For this BRT is now well proven and cost efficient. USD 1 billion refers to infra-structure cost. If you are interested in more details, please contact me @ edward.jobson (at) volvo (.) com">edward.jobson (at) volvo (.) com

  2. What’s the below?

    How much public transport does USD 1 billion buy?
    And the answers.

    Please show the counting formula(process) in detail.

  3. Why not 33% but 44% ?

  4. It is about electric cars, but I think for hybrid buses it is actual as well.

  5. You write in your report that you can buy with $ 1 billion, 250 km BRT and specify that it is “a highly efficient public transport”. It is a mistake. You cannot say it is highly efficient compared to the tramline or subway since:
    – subway and tram are electrics and thus pollute LESS than BRT
    – you need bigger roads to enable the BRT driving and thus you do not reduce the traffic jamm; the subway is underground and thus, is better.