TV: Youth’s ideas on Volvo Group’s future solutions

A vehicle that receives its energy from the sun and the moon. Or a gondola travelling on rails suspended in the air, which dips down to ground level to pick up pedestrians. Give 13-year-olds a free rein and their creative ideas simply keep flowing. Meet the next generation of engineers and share your own ideas about tomorrow’s transport solutions.

The Volvo Group’s vision is clear: to be the world leader in sustainable transport solutions. In certain areas the company has already secured that lead, for instance regarding hybrid technology for heavy vehicles, and a wide range of projects are always under way leading to that vision.

Having said that, many bright new ideas are going to be needed in the future and for the Volvo Group, it is important to constantly recruit the very best engineers. Recently, 13-year-old school students were given the opportunity to think out of the box regarding next-generation transport solutions and to draw their ideas. After that a group of university engineering undergraduates took over, developing some of the children’s ideas into design sketches.

Jonas Thorngren, Global Innovation Manager at Volvo Group Trucks Technology, was there throughout, serving as a source of inspiration for the youngsters and the undergraduates.

“There is an immense power and vitality in the thoughts of young kids. The older we become, the more we limit ourselves as early as the conceptual stage. If we as a company are to reach our vision, we must be open, listening to and working even with ‘impossible’ ideas,” he says.

Now you too can see the ideas and sketches and at the same time meet tomorrow’s engineers on Volvo Group Tech World. Sketch, draw or animate your own ideas about next-generation transport solutions and share them with the rest of the world by using the hashtag #anotherfuture.

Because your ideas matter!


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  1. A great enrigiser for many innovation sites inside Volvo.

  2. What a fantastic project to take to a school, energy, design, environment the younger the kids the better ideas

  3. Hi all and thank you for responding on this campaign! If you and your children have ideas and would like to participate the easiest way is to use either Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtag #anotherfuture when you post a picture and / or a text tweet.
    / The Global News Team

  4. Hi,

    My sister has very good environment friendly and fuel efficient idea ,can you please guide me how it can be shared.


  5. Dear all, i have one daughter and one son, Iwish that both can participate, how they can?


  6. It’s one amazing thought!

  7. I think, it’s very important for the group to learn with all the actors, how to make a truck in ten years or all.