Compete and become the world’s best Transporter

Transform between vehicles, avoid obstacles and collect pick-ups. Transporters is the game where you need both speed and accuracy if you want to top the leaderboard.

Whether we are talking about transporting food, carrying passengers and goods, or building roads and houses, the Volvo Group meets daily needs all over the world. We are developing societies and makes sure they are functioning smoothly. Now you can take an active part by playing Transporters, a game in which you get behind the wheel of one of the Group’s many vehicles and carry out a variety of transport assignments.

The game is part of a wider launch of the Global News site, one of the Volvo Group’s windows to the world, where news and events relating to the Group are presented. Here you can read about the very latest technologies and Volvo products, as well as the role that the Volvo Group plays in today’s society and what it is like to work in a global company.

Transporters is available on both web and on tablets and smartphones (download the Transporters app in App Store or Google Play), allowing you to compete against anyone anywhere in the world.

So take on the ultimate challenge, grab the wheel and play Transporters! Make sure to like, comment and share on

Good luck!


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  1. My son loves this game. I only wish you could drop the whole “pimp my ride” thing. I don’t think it’s appropriate for a game that young kids will play, and it doesn’t actually say “Volvo” to me anyway.

  2. awesome

  3. @Deeps, sorry to hear that. We will contact you by email to see if we can investigate further.

    /The Global News team

  4. I am not able to play on my laptop….

  5. Enjoyed the few mins. I played after seeing the ad this morning. Sent link home to play tonight. More VCE equipment, let’s build something!!!

  6. Very Addictive!!! I will download this app to my phone or IPad so I can play it again and again. My favorite vehical is the fire truck.

  7. great game!
    but, I wanted more vehicles.

  8. 92k score 🙁 boring

  9. @Bestien, @Krushna Rao, @Karthik Rajaram thank you all for your comments. We are aware of some bugs in the game and will soon release an update. Keep playing and keed sending you tips, ideas, comments and thoughts!
    / The Global News Team

  10. Nice game…except for two glitches:
    -the screen tilts to the wrong side (which doesn’t matter much)
    -Can’t quit out of the game (this matters much)…everytime I need to turn it off using task manager!

  11. Game got hung with an error code “Fatal error: Null” at high speed with a score of 162688.
    Can provide the screenshot if needed.

  12. Funny

  13. It is a great game and I am trying to win my T-shirt for a month now!…no luck yet! I will keep trying

    One of the core values of Volvo group is environment. This game does not show how we are contributing to it. My recommendation would be instead running a random score, it should be based how much PM, NOx & greenhouse gas emssions are being contributed to create a social awareness!

  14. I like the wheel loader best

  15. Very good!

  16. Superb Game…….

  17. very good.

  18. I love this game! Super fun…I want to win the tee shirt!

  19. Fun! I like the music- especially when driving the Wheel Loader. More games like this! It would be cool to play a game with VCE machines!

  20. very nice game enjoying every level of game

  21. simple but cool game:)

  22. yipee

  23. I have the highest score now, 91497!
    Congratulations to myself!

  24. nice game

  25. very good game for dummies
    regards h. peitz

  26. Good for Multiskills

  27. good

  28. This game is Perpect to me~
    Very Impressive and exciting..
    I like It!

  29. It’s easy, it’s fun

  30. I like this game the wheel loaders are best.

  31. Thanks for all your feedback and positive comments! We will keep your input in mind as we move forward. Please continue to comment and remember to like Transporters on Facebook as well:

    Enjoy the ride!

    /The Global News team

  32. A very good game perfectly summarizing all the possibilities of adapting Volvo.

  33. Muy buen juego

  34. I love the intro music! The game is entertaining too.

  35. Superb… Enjoyed

  36. I am missing a “share your score” link for Google+.

  37. Good & Cool

  38. cool!

  39. I love the moment the truck transforms to the boat and back too.

    Regarding the level or difficulty, I think it’s better to have sth gradually fast or difficult and some more things to do in ocean,not just move left-right.

    But still this is great game representing what Volvo is manufacturing and introducing them to the world!!!

  40. Simply superb…. I enjoyed it

  41. Very good, loved it every single minute,

  42. could be better if You can change the view inside, outside, rear above the truck.
    also it would be good if You can see the model of the truck recomended for the function.
    also if the power change, the velocity and the score change, in that way the user will look after the model with better score