New Volvo truck puts driver in focus

With its new Volvo FH series, Volvo Trucks is pushing the envelope for what a premium truck can offer. Volvo Group CEO Olof Persson has been following the work of developing the new truck and he is confident. “It’s going to be a huge success. The team behind the truck have done a fantastic job,” he says.

Fuel economy, reliability, ergonomics, superior handling, active and passive safety, and time-saving features. The Volvo FH is a truck built with the driver in mind and with the focus on improving the haulage firm’s profitability.

There is no doubt that fuel economy is one of the highest priorities for haulage firms today. So it was naturally also in firm focus during the development of the new Volvo FH.  The already fuel-efficient Euro 5 driveline is now even more economical. At the same time, Volvo’s first Euro 6 engine sees the light of day, significantly reducing emissions. Moreover, the new I-See function makes it possible to cut fuel consumption still further – by up to 5 percent. And in autumn 2013 a new driveline will be launched, Volvo I-Torque, setting a new technological benchmark and delivering even lower fuel consumption and further improved driveability: features that will benefit both haulage firm and driver.

The new Volvo FH Series, represents a milestone for the Volvo Group, according to Olof Persson:
“We are taking a huge step by replacing a successful product, which has been on the market for such a long time, with something new. This is, however, important. We shall now have an even more extensive product range and an even greater opportunity to meet the demands imposed by different markets.  At the same time, this will boost the Volvo Group brand and our core values of safety, quality and environmental concern,” he says.

Olof Persson has driven the truck himself on a number of occasions. He has taken part in tests and has got to know the team that developed the truck.

“I’m impressed by all the know-how and experience the Group’s employees have and I’m convinced that this truck is going to come up to all our customers’ expectations,” he says, adding just how smooth and flexible it is to drive.

“The driving characteristics are fantastic and the same thing applies to the driver’s environment and the cab. I am by no means an experienced truck driver, so, if I found driving this new truck such a positive experience, I can only imagine how it is going to be received by haulage company owners,” he says.

The new Volvo FH series has a new Individual Front Suspension (IFS) system for heavy trucks with left-hand drive. IFS means that each front wheel is suspended separately from the other so it does not affect the movement of the other wheel. Since both front wheels move individually, the result is gentler, more settled progress on the road. At the same time an all-new cab structure makes the new Volvo FH an even safer truck. Never before has a Volvo truck passed the comprehensive collision tests as well as the new FH cab.

Olof Persson is looking forward to the launch with nervous anticipation.

“I think we all feel the same. All the hard work that has been done will now really be put to the test. As this is the first time I have been involved in the launch of a new truck in my capacity as CEO, it feels very special indeed,” he says.

Have a closer look at the new Volvo FH series on the launch site.


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  1. The model is beautiful, but beautiful fh16 grille design.

  2. I really like it!

  3. Design is a little cold, especially in the front window. Volvo has gone a step backwards