Children’s drawings of the future

This year, the Volvo Group is celebrating its 85th anniversary.
This period has been characterised by significant technical development. However, compared with what the future will bring, this is just the beginning.
It is now that the really important changes will be made.  

At 10 am on the morning of 14 April 1927, the first series-manufactured Volvo car left the plant in Gothenburg. This represented the official founding of the company.
Eighty-five years later, children at the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg have drawn their picture of the future. Their drawings include comfortable buses with a swimming pool on the roof, trucks with a fully equipped cinema in the driver’s cab and vehicles that hover above the ground or are powered exclusively by water.

This is the fantasy world of children, far removed from reality, many people might think. In actual fact, however, many of their fantasies may be completely possible in the future. Needless to say, technology is going to play a major role, but we can also look forward to large-scale changes in the design of vehicles and increasingly rigorous demands from both people and society.

Telematics is one example. Hans Ristner at Business Development at AB Volvo and the Volvo Group Telematics unit recently welcomed specially invited guests to celebrate the one millionth connected vehicle.
Telematics, wireless communication, which is able to transfer information from vehicles to a haulage company, a service workshop or a traffic management centre, for example, has grown enormously in recent years and this acceleration is going to continue, according to Hans Ristner.
“Everyone wants these services, private individuals who want to be able to turn on the heating in their cars via their mobile phone and truck drivers who need help from a workshop,” he says and adds that the fully connected society will simply be taken for granted by new and future generations.

“They will expect everything to be just a click away,” he says.

Want to see what the Volvo Group’s vision of future transports look like? See the images at Global News.


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  1. nice to see Ideas of an upcoming Engineers. They are the replication of an future wants. We need to work towards fulfilling those needs.