“Our journey towards sustainable transport solutions”

The Volvo Group has a new vision – to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions. By integrating sustainability into our vision we demonstrate our commitment to contribute to sustainable development within our field of expertise.

I believe it will also strengthen the Volvo Group by increasing efficiency, gaining market shares and better prepare us for capturing opportunities brought about by global challenges such as urbanization.
I am convinced that the keyword for transport development is and must be sustainability.

What do I mean when talking about sustainable transport solutions? To start with, it is crucial to reduce the negative impact on the environment. However, we must broaden the scope and look at it also from the economic and social point of view.

I envision a transport system that enables high productivity with energy-efficient solutions which are safe and secure for people and goods.
We embarked on our journey towards sustainable transport solutions many years ago. This has resulted in solutions such as environmentally-enhanced products that can operate on renewable fuels, energy efficient solutions such as hybrid technology and systems like Bus Rapid Transit that facilitate efficient public transports.

But we are not there yet. A lot is still to be done.

To meet society’s need for sustainable transports, cooperation is essential. We are at our very best when we work closely with our business partners, first of all with our customers. It is in the dialogue with our customers we can really understand what drives their business and how we can capture the opportunities to build our common success.

Our products and services are important parts of the transport system and in order to develop the most efficient solutions we will continue to engage in partnerships to generate pioneering knowledge, pool innovation capabilities and develop new solutions adapted to different market conditions.

In 2001, we signed the United Nations Global Compact. Since then, these values have served as a foundation for our commitment and are manifested in our Code of Conduct that guides how we do business. This report describes our commitment, work and progress made in implementing the ten principles into our business.

We have the skills, resources and global reach to shape the future of transport.

Olof Persson
President and CEO, Volvo Group


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  1. Dear Olof!

    Thanks for sharing good examples. I´m excitied to contribute with steps contributing yo sustainable transport solutions. Each day gives renewed energy in cities, corporations and individuals who Commute Greener!
    WWF.commutegreener.com is an example of open innovation that engage WWF with a version for the public that also enable connections to Facebook and other networks. Even more valuable are the growing amount of dedicated communities that enrich measurable results of improving urban mobility. Commute Greener!

  2. Mr. Persson, you’re welcome to visit the designstudio and get inspired. This is exactly what we do!

  3. I am very happy to read that environmental sustainability is still high on our corporate agenda. As an employee I find it very important to pursue a higher social goal alongside the private corporate goal of generating sufficient atroe every month. In any case I think in the long run investing in sustainable transport solutions is the right path to guaranteeing the continuity of the Volvo group, as conventional energy resources are becoming scarcer every year.

    But to which extent do we participate at the political level? Do we publicly support the prolongation of the Kyoto protocol? Are we part of a pro-green energy lobby? Were we in any way involved in the Cancun and the Copenhagen summits?