A story in pictures from the Tuve plant

The Volvo Group Tuve plant is the beating heart of Gothenburg, Sweden. 1800 people spend their working day here, producing some of the finest trucks in the world – one every four and a half minutes.

During two days in March 2012, we documented the process of building a Volvo truck, from frame member to finished product.  


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  1. Great………
    good plant and good article have to see once gothenburg

  2. Sweet memory for me..I had an opportunity to visit the plant at Gothenburg in 2006 which I’m that time was Vista Winner from Malaysia. When I saw the pictures above all the memory refresh again.. I’ll come again!

  3. This story in pictures took me back to memories of last year when I visited plants in Skövde and Gothenburg. The texts along the photos are complementing each other. This is very good information for the people who did not got the chance to visit the plant. Added information for people who got the chance too…

  4. Thank you for your valuable effort putting on this post.. It is truely amazing.

  5. Well done!!!

  6. Its fanatastic information on truck built process. I work for 3P and never get such documentation with stage by stage details. its helpfull information.

  7. Take a look in picture 13. A fitter sitting on her knees in front of a moving chassie. Is bad ergonomics a thing we should show the world?

  8. Good work! It would be interesting to read an even more detailed story with pictures from the building process.

  9. WOW!!!!, Good Work 🙂

  10. It is truely amazing…!!! I had an opportunity to visit the plant at Gothenburg in the second week of March 2012 and before the sweet memories could fade I got an excellent revision with the help of photos.It gives a simple understanding of the very complex operations happening in the background.Moreover women working in a Manufacturing unit was some thing to be proud of.Also not to miss the very low noise levels with in the plant.
    Thanks for posting..

  11. Would be nice if you get the facts right before it’s published.

  12. It is very interesting to see how these huge trucks are being built with such a high precision.These huge trucks and their assembly process always fascinates me.

  13. Amazing!!!

  14. This is a very good article with good explanations to complement the photos. As a new member to the Volvo family, im truly inspired by the process that goes into the manufacture of a Volvo Truck…Thanks..

  15. Fantastic!

    For me, that I work here in Volvo do Brasil since 1979 and still do not know the Swedish plant, “A story in pictures” is much more interesting that only a story. It is to live a little bit more this fantastic company that I greatly admire.