Race and challenge your friends

Are you fast enough to make it to the top of the leaderboard? Let’s find out by download and register in the Transporters app, then grab the wheel and compete against your friends and colleagues.

Transform between vehicles, avoid obstacles and collect pick-ups. The challenges in Transporters are many and the aim is to complete them quickly but safely. In order to join the race you need to download the Transporters app via App Store or Google Play. From there you can easily register and then it is up to you to make it to the top of the leaderboard.

Until New Years Eve 2013/2014 we have a competition where the number one on the leaderboard wins a Transporters t-shirt every week. If you have a bad week, you get a new chance when the leaderboard is reset every Monday.

Visit the Transporters Facebook page to share your experiences with the rest of the gaming community: www.facebook.com/transporters.volvogroup


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  1. Really good game. You get to know how awesome Volvo is. 🙂

  2. Salut

  3. Wonder how far I can survive…

  4. I am going to bet anyone in transpoters game

  5. I love this wonderful game…

  6. @Gopi the scoreboard is reset every Monday and therefor updated every week. The winners list is not updated because the competition is over. The last competition ended the last day of December.
    @Negraru Andrei you must open the Transporters app in your smartphone or tablet and then login or register with Facebook. After that your score will appear on the leaderboard.
    / The Global News Team

  7. This game is EPIC!!!!

  8. Hello , why the winners list is not updated for a longer time ??

  9. You are rubbish

  10. my scor was 310000 and i don’t see my name in the top ….:(

    this i good game but my name don’t apear on the table.

  11. This is the best game I have ever played

  12. Good very good

  13. Very nice

  14. The game is very intersted
    I like the game very much

  15. Aha!

  16. Super game

  17. Good game

  18. Very good game

  19. Transperfect!!!!

  20. Do or die

  21. Perfect game

  22. I like

  23. Ilike this game soo much

  24. Good app

  25. It’s very nice game i like it very much i play iit very allot

  26. Ok

  27. 🙂

  28. It is awesome

  29. Ssssssssssuuuuuperbbbbbbbb. gameeeee!!!!! The developer had been superb!

  30. I am rolling

  31. 😀

  32. Wonderful transperfect game…. Love it

  33. Yes

  34. @Mohd, strange because accordning to Google Play Android 2.2 is the fourth most usual device downloading the game app. / The Global News Team

  35. Unable to install the game on andriod version 2.2.1?

  36. Great game.

  37. I like dis game

  38. Great game!! 🙂

  39. @Jonatan, we contact you via e-mail if you are on top 3 next Monday November 12 at 12.00. / The Global News Team

  40. How Will i get contacted if I win?

  41. jk ok

  42. Hi Aksu, thanks for your input!

    We will contact you via email as well so you can provide the screen grab.

    /The Global News team

  43. at that answer your small correction, my name is not a alus, but my phone auto script edited it wrong, the right one is AKSU, and a small increase if you want I can send the image to the bug which I screenphoted.

  44. this is a very good game, graphics, sound, range of different means of transport, as well as the themes, but one worry, the game is a bug, go out and get high, once vehicles traveled halfway across the country and half in the ground? can you fix these? otherwise, this game is absolutely fantastic!

  45. Hi Stephane, glad you like it! Register in the app version of the game to get on the scoreboard, it is available on App Store and Google Play.

    /The Global News team

  46. Good

  47. Great game! Can’t register my scores though. How do you do it?

  48. 🙂