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In 1959 – when Japan was about to enter the high-growth era, UD Trucks put a truck with an output of 230 bhp, the largest power output in Japan, on the market in order to prepare for the coming era of rapid mass transportation.

This truck was called the 6 TW, with drive on two rear wheels and a payload of 10 tonnes or more at a maximum speed of 90 kilometres an
hour. Considering that trucks at that time generally had drive on one rear wheel with a payload of about 8 tonnes, the 6 TW truck was very much an
epoch-making product. The company’s internal magazine described it as a unique “mammoth truck”.

As soon as this heavy-duty truck went on sale, the newspaper industry reported “Ready for the era of speed” in banner headlines. Sales went very well. So much so that the company limited customers to the ones with cash and the market became a seller’s market. The truck operated all over the country, enjoying good reviews from customers. What is more, it was so popular that the company even found customers ordering the truck after production was discontinued.

More than 50 years after sales ended, the company restored a 6 TW truck. It reflects the enthusiasm and pride of people who were involved in its
development and sale.

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