Internal Environmental Award

Longer trucks that are able to transport more timber can reduce carbon emissions by up to 20 per cent. For this reason, the ETT (One More Stack) project has been presented with the Volvo Group’s internal environmental award.

On Tuesday, Lena Larsson, Volvo 3P and Lennart Cider Volvo Technology received the award during a ceremony in Gothenburg. “For enthusiastic and successful work on engineering a modal system for energy efficient vehicle transport, the award jury, Volvo Group Environmental Council, writes in the motivation. Since 2007, Lena Larsson and Lennart Cider, have been working with Svensk Skogsindustri (Swedish Forestry Industry), among others, with the aim of dramatically reducing carbon emissions from timber transport. Some 25 per cent of transport assignments on Swedish roads involve timber and Svensk Skogsindustri had been instructed to reduce emissions. “The partnership between everyone involved has been really rewarding,” says Lennart Cider. By extending trucks and thereby increasing the amount of timber that is transported by each truck, carbon emissions have been reduced 20 per cent. There is also the potential for more. “We are currently applying for a grant to extend the study in order to make it more comprehensive,” says Lena Larsson. The trucks in the study are longer and heavier, but, as there are more axles on the trailers, the load on the road is not increased. “A standard truck has one trailer and a total of seven axles. With these trucks, we have as many as three trailers and 11 axles and this reduces the average load on each axle. What’s more, we have developed an electrical braking system that brakes all three trailers simultaneously. We are collaborating with the authorities and we have a special permit to operate long vehicle combinations,” says Lennart Cider, who grew up in the forest. “When I was younger, I helped to plant and thin the trees in the forest, so I know quite a lot about what is involved,” he says. Both he and Lena are delighted to have received the award and they are looking forward to the prize, a trip to one of the Group’s sites. “This is a great honour. It is my dream to visit Brazil,” says Lena and Lennart Cider agrees. “Absolutely. It would be really interesting to see how they handle heavy-duty transport,” he says. The Volvo Group’s internal environment award is presented every year to encourage good examples and initiatives related to the environment.


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