Volvo IT donations to charity

Just before Christmas the staff at Volvo IT received a different kind of Christmas present. Instead of an actual present they received SEK 1 million to donate to the charities of their choice. The majority chose Médecins sans frontières (MSF), which received SEK 540,000.

Before Christmas, Volvo IT gave each of its staff the opportunity of donating SEK 200 to charities on the company’s expense. There were three well-known global organizations to choose from. 54% chose MSF (in Swedish called “Läkare utan gränser), 28% chose the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) and 18% chose the Red Cross.

Christer Brasta, Director of Corporate Communications & Marketing at Volvo IT, had the pleasure of handing over the gift to a very happy Arvin Yarohalli, orthopaedic surgeon and emergency physician at Östra Hospital in Göteborg, Sweden. Arvin worked for MSF in Haiti following the earthquake there last year, where he was part of a multinational team, including French, Belgian and British doctors. He’s now ready once again to travel anywhere in the event of a disaster.

“It’s fantastic that Volvo IT is donating this money, which will go a long way towards helping in the event of new disasters and emergency situations,” says Katharina Ervanius Corporate Fundraiser
at MSF.
Volvo IT is in talks with the WWF concerning how Volvo IT can help with expertise in developing an IT solution for supporting their activities, equivalent to the amount being donated.
“We were delighted and really enthusiastic when we received this offer. Apps and other new IT technology are a really interesting development that we need to be part of, and because our IT department consists of just three people this contribution is very appreciated,” says Siv Persson at the WWF.
The Red Cross will use the money for a specific project that will be decided together with Volvo IT.


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