Measuring CO2 emissions for business travel

Since January 2011, measurements have been made of the carbon emissions generated by all business flights in the Volvo Group. The target is to link these emissions to the price of travelling.

This initiative is the brainchild of the environmental council on which all the business areas and business units are represented.

“We have discussed ways NAP can also contribute to Volvo’s core value of environmental concern,” says Dirk Boon at NAP, who is also a member of the environmental council.

“As NAP purchases all the business trips for the entire Volvo Group, it saw an opportunity to measure and, in the future, reduce carbon emissions caused by business trips,” explains Stephan Hylander, Global Travel Manager for the Volvo Group. Since 1 January 2011, the carbon emissions produced by every business flight within the Volvo Group have been measured. Once these measurements have been completed, the plan is to be able to recommend the best way of covering different routes – such as taking the train rather than a flight for short trips.

NAP is also hoping to use this information as a parameter when it negotiates the price of trips.

“We know that routes, aircraft models and the number of stops on a journey result in different carbon emission levels and this has to be taken into account when we make agreements with travel companies,” says Stephan Hylander.

“In the future, we would, for example, like to be able to recommend a specific airline for a specific trip.”

The measurements will be reported at BA/BU level, but it will also be possible to break them down at individual level if a manager wishes to see how his/her department is performing.

“It’s our vision to be able to link carbon emissions to a carbon budget, exactly like the financial budget, so that people have to make adjustments and try not to exceed their budget,” explains Stephan Hylander.

NAP is also hoping to encourage alternative ways of communicating, such as live meetings and video conferences, when travelling is not necessary to make meetings effective.

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