• virtualregatta_584x367

    Compete and become the world’s best sailor

    Your boat sails 24h a day/seven days a week for nine months. It’s up to you to select…

    2014-10-13 • 1 comments
  • Computer game Volvo Bus

    Volvo Buses invites customers to play new game

    Volvo Buses launches a unique digital customer game with the purpose to help customers…

    2014-10-10 • comments
  • Volvo Ocean Race game

    Virtual Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015 coming up

    Two giants of ocean racing – one virtual and one very much reality – have joined forces…

    2014-09-02 • comments
  • Transorters_584x367

    Congratulations Can Mir

    The 2013 final winner of the Volvo Group game Transporters was Can Mir, with a weekly score of 213.093 points.…

    2014-01-07 • comments
  • Transorters_584x367

    Congratulations Olga!

    Olga Znaminkova won the Volvo Group game Transporters in week 51. She scored a total of 241.838 points.…

    2013-12-16 • comments
  • Transorters_584x367

    Congratulations Steff01!

    The signature Steff01 with a score of 285.427 points is this week’s winner of the Volvo Group game Transporters.…

    2013-12-10 • comments
  • Transorters_584x367

    Congratulations Pavel!

    The newly updated Volvo Group game; Transporters has a new weekly winner; Pavel, with 370.611 points!…

    2013-12-02 • comments
  • Transporters tshirt

    Compete for t-shirts every week

    Transform between vehicles, avoid obstacles and collect pick-ups. Transporters is the game where you…

    2013-11-19 • comments
  • Play Transporters

    Race your Facebook friends

    Since the launch of Transporters, the game has been downloaded over 1.5 million times.…

    2013-02-14 • 1 comments
  • Transporters584x367

    One million downloads

    Since the launch of Transporters, the game has been downloaded over a million times in App Store and Google Play.…

    2012-12-05 • 1 comments